April 3, 2024

Keeping your Chesapeake home warm in the winter and cool in the summer gives you greater comfort. Your air conditioner and heating unit work hard to provide conditioned air throughout your house. With zoned heating and cooling, you can better control the temperature in the rooms you use most while cutting the need for hot and cold air in areas you use less. Zoned HVAC systems have many benefits, which we’ll detail below.

What Is Zoned Heating and Cooling?

With zoned heating and cooling, you can control separate areas of the house differently. You’ll have a thermostat in certain rooms or even on each level. Use these thermostats to provide more hot or cold air in the rooms you use most and lower the setting in unoccupied areas. For example, you may not need as much heat in your bedroom during the winter as you do in the living room. You can use the separate thermostat to lower the temperature in the bedroom while still getting ample heat in the other living areas to stay warm and cozy.

Read on to learn of the best benefits of zoned heating and cooling.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Zoned HVAC systems allow you to heat and cool only the rooms you want to be heated and cooled. Because of this, you are no longer delivering conditioned air to the entire house. If you have rooms you seldom use, you can choose to use less heating or cooling in those rooms. This method allows you to save energy, as your HVAC unit doesn’t need to work as hard to reach the desired temperatures in the fewer rooms using the air from the unit.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Your utility bill can be frightening, especially during the peak of winter and summer. When you use zoned HVAC systems, you reduce the energy your system consumes. The reduced energy consumption translates into lower utility bills.

Increased Comfort

It is sometimes a chore for your heater or air conditioner to keep up with the demand for hot and cold air throughout every room of your home. Some rooms may struggle to reach the desired temperature without cranking the thermostat and heating or cooling other rooms too much. With zoned heating and cooling, you can control the temperature of different rooms separately, allowing you to find maximum comfort in the rooms you occupy most. In the winter, you may not need as much heat in your bedroom or bathroom, allowing you to decrease the temperature of those rooms. In the summer, you can set your basement and other less-used rooms to a higher temperature. This method allows you to stay comfortable in the main living areas, bedrooms, and other occupied areas while cutting energy consumption to rooms you aren’t using.

Better Control and Versatility

Zoned heating and cooling gives you better control over your HVAC system. You can change the temperature in any zoned room or area with a simple thermostat adjustment. Zoned HVAC systems offer versatility by allowing you to change your settings whenever you wish. You may lower the heat in your living room at night when you go to bed and increase the temperature in your bedroom. You might want to cool the bathroom a bit in the morning while you shower and get ready, but then raise the temperature for the rest of the day. Zoned heating and cooling gives you this flexibility and control.

Increased Lifespan of Your HVAC Unit

Under optimal conditions, your furnace and air conditioner units last 15 to 20 years. Zoned heating and cooling decreases the workload on your HVAC units, giving them a longer useful life.

Setting up zoned HVAC systems in your Chesapeake home offers you greater comfort and control while saving you money and using less energy. Setting up a zoned system is simple when you call the professionals from Simmons Heating & Cooling. Our trusted HVAC technicians can help you set up the system and decide which rooms to separate on the system. In addition to zoning systems, we provide expert air conditioner, furnace, and heat pump repairs, maintenance, and installation. We also specialize in generators, ductwork, boilers, and heaters.

To start reaping the many benefits of zoned HVAC systems in your Chesapeake, VA, home, call our expert and experienced HVAC technicians at Simmons Heating & Cooling today.

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