If you’re looking for Generator Maintenance in Chesapeake, VA, consider us at Simmons Heating & Cooling. A generator can be an excellent source of power for emergencies, capable of handling everything from heating and cooling appliances to at-home medical devices that run on electricity. Generators are also helpful when it comes to lights, electronics, and power banks that charge other devices. While you might be most familiar with small, portable generators, a whole-home generator is a much bigger and more powerful unit. As its name implies, a generator can keep everything in your house running.

    All in all, a generator can be a very versatile appliance for homeowners. This is why it’s important to install and maintain a good generator on your property.

    Trusted Generator Servicing and Repair

    Like any appliance, generators can become broken and worn down with repeated use. They’re also vulnerable to small problems building into larger ones when issues aren’t promptly fixed. An oil leak, for example, might start out as a few drops, but it can pool and drip into other components until it results in a full system shutdown.

    Here are just a few symptoms of a malfunctioning generator that you shouldn’t ignore:
    • Strange sounds or smells
    • Startup delays
    • Fluid leaks
    • Sudden interruptions of power
    • Increased fuel consumption
    • Visible signs of damage

    Keeping an eye on potential issues is only part of appliance ownership. Generator maintenance is also important. Maintenance tasks include changing the spark plugs, replacing the air and oil filters, checking the fuel lines, and testing the battery. Additionally, you should be powering on your generator every three months or so, even if you’re only running it for a few minutes at a time. Generators need to cycle every so often to keep their components in good working order.

    Are you looking to buy a new generator? This can be an exciting decision for your family and a worthwhile investment in terms of emergency preparedness. However, you should know that there are several steps involved in choosing, financing, and installing a generator. It isn’t a decision to make on impulse. For example, the power output of a generator is usually correlated with its size, so a larger unit means a higher wattage that can spread to more appliances. If you have space limitations where you want the generator installed, however, you might have to balance your power needs with your available square footage.

    Quality Generator Maintenance in Chesapeake

    At Simmons Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of having backup power in case of emergencies. That’s why we offer fast and affordable maintenance services for whole-home generators. We’ve been in the business since 1964. Our firm is a family-owned and -operated organization that wants to treat you like the neighbor that you are.

    Call Simmons Heating & Cooling today to learn more about generator servicing options in Chesapeake.