Residential & Commercial Generator Installation in Virginia

    Why Choose Simmons Heating & Cooling for Generator Installation in Chesapeake?

    Generator installation by Simmons Heating & Cooling offers peace of mind to home and business owners. This service is inevitable for those who want electrical power for essential lights, devices, and appliances up and running around the clock, especially in areas that are prone to power outages. Without standby generators, businesses will lose power, retail stores can lose customers and it would be unsafe to walk around without lights to guide you. Even worse, many industries that rely on power may be unable to work, produce, or deliver goods and services losing important long-time clients to competitors. Power is essential in food and medical industries where a single outage can create a life-threatening situation or unhygienic conditions. Simmons Heating & Cooling is dedicated to providing these customers with the suitable generator system they are looking for, that they will need all the time.

    Back-up Generator Installation

    Generator Installation for Your Home or Business

    Simmons Heating & Cooling will match a brand generator to your needs and budget upon request. With several varieties of generators available in the market, you will find an efficient device from these professionals. The company will choose a brand that has years of history and excellence behind it as well as durable in the long run. This is the best way to install a perfect brand generator for your home or business. The product will also come with a labor warranty and Simmons Heating & Cooling will notify its customers of maintenance and recall if required. By contacting Simmons Heating & Cooling company for your generator needs, you will continue to enjoy reliable electric service in your home or office.

    Backup Generators – Generac is Engineered for Performance

    We all want a beautiful, worry-free environment for ourselves and our belongings. The Guardian, by Generac Generators Power Systems, is designed with this in mind. At the first hint of a power outage this compact, high-performance generator starts up automatically through Generac generators and the automatic transfer switch. Within seconds, it assumes the production of electricity for your home or business – regardless of how long the power is out.