You work hard to ensure a comfortable home for your family, and UV lights in Chesapeake, VA, can keep it germ-free.

    Germs in your indoor environment are responsible for viruses and more, which can lead to various illnesses. So, it makes sense to hinder their growth wherever possible inside your house to prevent their transmission. Germs are especially transmittable where there is a large group of occupants.

    They also tend to thrive best in the deep, dark components of your heating and cooling systems. Hence, they get released into the air each time you run your HVAC unit. But adding germicidal lights to your HVAC system can help to destroy hidden germs within your heating and cooling system. Thus, they never enter your home, resulting in cleaner, healthier indoor air.

    HVAC Germicidal Lights Service

    Germicidal lights are the same ultraviolet lights used in hospitals to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and irritants. Once they are in place, you will usually notice a decrease in indoor allergies, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms.

    A technician can also install germicidal lights inside of your AC or heating system. The evaporator coil on your AC unit creates a moist place for mold, mildew, and allergens to breed. Placing ultraviolet lights in this area helps to destroy them, thus preventing them from making their way inside.

    On your heating system, germs and irritants prefer to thrive in the supply vents and ductwork. You can also place ultraviolet lights there to help keep your incoming air clean.

    Germicidal lights added to your HVAC system can offer numerous benefits:
    • Keeps out viruses and bacteria
    • Prevents asthma and allergy symptoms
    • Makes HVAC system more efficient
    • Efficient system helps reduce energy costs
    • Keeps indoor air smelling fresh

    You may wonder how long ultraviolet lights last in your HVAC system to determine if they are a good investment. UV lights can last up to five years, depending on the brand and how well you maintain them with regular professional service.

    So, they can more than pay for themselves while in use. There are also different ultraviolet systems to choose from for varying degrees of sanitization. Be sure to let your technician know your needs so that they can recommend the best lights for you.

    Our UV Lights in Chesapeake

    A highly skilled team such as ours needs to install the lights for the best ultraviolet light protection. We begin our installations with a consultation to learn your specific concerns. After this, we can recommend the correct UV lights for the job for greater confidence in your system. Our technicians will take every precaution to protect your family and yourself during the installation for everyone’s safety.

    If UV lights in Chesapeake is what you are looking for in your home, call Simmons Heating & Cooling today.