January 10, 2024
IAQ in Chesapeake, VA

Indoor air quality becomes more important as the winter months approach since you will spend more time indoors. Problems like less airflow and more airborne contaminants are common in the winter. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make your home a healthier and cozier place to be. It starts with targeting your home’s indoor air quality.

Whole-Home Air Purification Systems

There are a variety of whole-house air filtration systems available, each designed to handle a unique set of issues related to indoor air quality. With their combined benefits, the systems provide a comprehensive solution to the issue of poor indoor air quality. For an optimal living environment, it’s important to choose the correct balance of these systems.

Dust and allergies are only two examples of the small particles that high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are great at capturing. To remove even more microscopic pollutants, electronic air cleaners use an electric charge. Activated carbon filters draw out pollutants and help eliminate bad smells. The innovative iWave air purifier is a maintenance-free way to enhance the air quality in your house constantly. Its self-cleaning design uses proprietary technology to produce ions that actively clean the air. The Air Scrubber system employs ActivePure® technology to continuously remove viruses and germs from the air and surfaces. The MERV 16 filter and photocatalytic oxidation technology in the Lennox PureAir system catch and eliminate particles, allergens and odors.

Individual Room Purification Systems

Various alternatives are available to homeowners who want individual room air purification. For example, when combined with a HEPA filter, a portable air purifier effectively traps allergens and dust. Portable ionic air purifiers remove airborne contaminants by attracting and retaining charged ions. Some versions even have activated carbon filters that draw out gases and smells. These multi-purpose room purifiers allow homeowners to address specific indoor air quality issues. They also allow them to create designated spaces where the air is easier to breathe.


To keep mold and germs at bay, it is essential to keep the relative humidity in your home between 30% and 50%. In the winter, when heating systems tend to make indoor air dry, humidifiers are a must-have for better air quality. You can customize the settings to suit your comfort needs and health concerns. This is why it’s smart to put humidifiers in high-traffic areas and clean them regularly. These moisture-making devices are an integral part of certain HVAC systems. To suit a wide range of preferences and spaces, humidifiers come in a variety of forms, such as evaporative, ultrasonic and steam vaporizer models. When combined with smart technology, you can even operate and monitor them from a distance.


Wintertime dehumidification may be helpful for certain houses, particularly those in areas with warmer winters or those that have moisture problems. Mold development, musty smells and possible respiratory problems are all problems that can arise in homes that don’t have enough ventilation. The same applies to homes that are prone to humidity accumulation. In such situations, dehumidifiers are quite useful since they reduce excess moisture. These devices even make interior spaces healthier by reducing the likelihood of mold and mildew.

UV Lights

In Virginia, where the winters are cold and people spend more time indoors, UV lights are a lifesaver. They do an excellent job of improving the air you breathe. When placed within an HVAC system, these lights kill any germs or viruses in the air before they recirculate throughout the house. Taking this preventative measure greatly lessens the likelihood of becoming sick in the winter. When it comes to dealing with the problems caused by damp circumstances, UV lights are also vital in avoiding mold development.

How to Pick the Best Indoor Air Quality Solution for Your Home

There are several considerations to address when choosing an indoor air quality solution for a house in Virginia. Allergies, mold and pollution are just a few examples of air quality problems to think about. The desired degree of automation, the size of the house and its compatibility with current HVAC systems are also important considerations. It’s always best to take time to learn about the features and benefits of different air purifiers. This includes humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ultraviolet light options available on the market. Make sure to assess each system’s energy efficiency, maintenance needs and associated costs. Speaking with a licensed HVAC expert is the best way to ensure the selected system fits the specific requirements of the home.

We’re here to help you pick the right air-quality solution for your home. We make home comfort easy with our vast range of heating and cooling services. Many homeowners turn to us for generator installations and repairs, ductwork cleaning, water heater maintenance and much more. Contact Simmons Heating & Cooling today to learn all about making your home in Chesapeake healthier.

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