More homeowners increasingly realize the benefits of radiant heating in Virginia Beach, VA. Central forced-air heating system worsens indoor air quality by spreading dust and other particulates. Conventional heating systems also lose a lot of heat when distributing heat through ducts throughout your home. Radiant floor heating improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality while providing many more benefits.


    Radiant Heating in Virginia Beach

    If you are prone to respiratory allergies, it may be time to switch to floor heating. Unlike traditional heating systems, floor heaters do not rely on forced air to distribute heat in your home. This heat distribution mechanism often involves the spread of allergens, dirt, and dust to the rest of your house. A radiant heater transfers heat from the electric heating coils or water-heated tubing to objects above the floor without involving air.

    Forced-air systems also suck humidity from your house, causing uncomfortably dry air. A radiant heat system does not affect your home’s humidity, improving indoor air quality. They are also more energy efficient than central forced-air systems like furnaces. Its improved efficiency is mainly because, unlike furnaces, they do not feature ducts, which is one of the leading causes of heat loss in furnaces. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that radiant heaters can reduce heating costs by 25% to 50%.

    There are many benefits of installing a radiant heating system.
    • Quiet operation
    • Better safety

    Radiant systems also contribute to improved comfort in your house. With conventional heating systems, you often feel the temperature change whenever you move further away from the heat source. However, radiant systems provide uniform heat no matter which section of your home you move to.

    A huge benefit of this type of heating is felt on your feet. Heat rises, so many types of heating systems leave the floors cold. Walking barefoot on cold tile in winter is less than pleasant. Radiant heaters eliminate this problem as they heat your floors first. These systems are also safer and have no risk of becoming fire hazards like central heating systems.

    Additionally, we install this system below your floor so they are invisible, improving your home’s aesthetics. You won’t have to worry about your pets or children touching hot surfaces or sharp edges of your heating system. And because they are below your floors, floor heating frees up space that your traditional heating system would have taken.


    We can install radiant heaters independently for each room or zone. Thus, you can turn off the system in rooms you do not use to cut energy costs. Additionally, you can independently control the temperature of the different rooms, giving you better convenience and comfort. Radiant heating systems also have significantly longer lifespans than forced-air systems, lasting an average of 20 years or more. The system’s quiet operations also allow you to enjoy the silence in your home and are ideal for homes with children.

    Your Heating Installation Team

    At Simmons Heating & Cooling, we have a lot of experience installing floor heating in Virginia Beach. We have been in business since 1964, and our experts have sufficient knowledge and skills to deliver the ideal heating installation for your home. Our NATE-certified technicians ensure they do the job right the first time as we maintain high levels of professionalism.

    We also receive numerous positive online reviews from our clients, indicating the reliability of our floor heating services. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer and also work with several other top brands. We’ll deliver your home’s most efficient, reliable, long-lasting systems.

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