Simmons Heating & Cooling specializes in creating warm, inviting homes through radiant heating in Suffolk, VA. No one wants chilly floors and uneven heating, especially during winter. Worse, with the need for more heating, you could face skyrocketing energy bills. Say goodbye to those problems with professionally installed floor heating, which is more effective than traditional forced-air systems.


    Unlike other options, it’s much healthier as it does not distribute allergens and dust. Without the need for air circulation, radiant heaters can also contribute to improved indoor air quality. Let Simmons Heating & Cooling install your heater so you can stay comfortable while enjoying consistent warmth throughout your Suffolk home.

    Quality Radiant Heating in Suffolk

    Floor heating with radiant energy offers plenty of benefits for homes that get cold and uncomfortable during winter. The heating system provides a more comfortable environment simply because it distributes heat evenly, meaning no drafts and cold spots. But how is this possible? Radiant heaters work by generating heat internally. Instead of circulating warm air, it heats itself and radiates this heat to nearby objects and people. Think of it like the sun, which makes us feel warm when it’s sunny.


    There are a lot of reasons why you should consider radiant heating over other options. Radiant heaters are much more energy efficient than popular forced-air systems like furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. You can set them to operate at a lower temperature and enjoy the same comfort level. It often results in energy savings.

    Radiant heaters are also known for their zoning capabilities. That means you can control the temperature in your home in individual rooms (or zones). It also increases potential savings, as you can turn off heating in areas that are not in use or unoccupied, for instance. Another reason why many people turn to radiant heaters is because they operate silently. If you or your loved ones do not like the sound of blowing air or unit cycling, this type of floor heating system is for you.

    Heating installation offers many benefits for your home, such as the following:
    • Increased comfort indoors
    • Improved air quality
    • No bulky radiators, ductwork, or machines
    • Less heat loss through ducts
    • Durable with a long lifespan

    Heating installation is for everyone who requires a warm environment when the temperatures go down. There are a few types of heaters, including wall-mounted, ceiling, freestanding, and floor heaters. With radiant heating, you don’t have to worry about the kind of flooring you have. The heater is compatible with most popular flooring materials found in Suffolk homes.

    Whether you have stone, hardwood, laminate, or carpet, radiant heaters are flexible, and we can set them up according to your needs. If you want that cozy feeling underfoot, you will love this additional benefit from your radiant heater.

    Trusted Floor Heating Services

    Simmons Heating & Cooling has been serving Suffolk and the surrounding areas since 1964. Our years of experience allow us to learn, grow, and become experts in heating systems tailored to your unique requirements. It is our mission to remove cold spots and drafty rooms, which are among the most common complaints of many Suffolk homeowners. We want you to take pleasure in consistent warmth across floors, ceilings, or walls. That way, you get supreme comfort in all corners of your home.

    We are a family-run business that offers high-quality radiant heating services, such as heating installation, maintenance, and repair, to our valued customers. When it gets cold, we are the trusted name to depend on for your radiant heater installation services. Our experienced technicians will work with you to determine the correct system design, which considers heat loss, room size, and other factors.

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    When you’re ready to say goodbye to uneven heating and cold floors, give Simmons Heating & Cooling a call today, and we will help you decide which radiant heater is best for your Suffolk home.