Technological advancement has now allowed you to improve your indoor comfort with radiant heating in Portsmouth, VA or a community nearby. This technology uses heat transfer through the floor, which enables you to step on a warm and comfortable surface. While it is still not very common, this new technique significantly improves your quality of life and makes heating more efficient.


    Floor heating installation by professional technicians like ours at Simmons Heating & Cooling saves you money and guarantees years of HVAC efficiency. You can wake up to the feel of a warm room with heated carpets that soothe your feet.

    Professional Radiant Heating Installation

    Radiant heating is usually accomplished in one of two main ways. You may choose hydronic heating, which uses water that transfers the heat through coils. Installing this system allows you to use it as your house’s sole heat source. The hot water is suitable for laundry, showers, washing utensils, and all other chores in the home.

    However, in the case of electric floor heating, you can only use this system to heat your floors. The installation requires installing metal panels in the floor or below it that transmit heat when you turn on the system. The heat then warms up the rooms, making all the residents comfortable. From our experience, this heating technology works faster than other systems that blow hot air through ducts.

    It is essential to leave this heating installation to trained technicians in Portsmouth. Many parts of this system require professional handling and connection. Therefore, any mistakes may cause significant inconveniences and damage. Nevertheless, our Simmons Heating & Cooling technicians can help you install the system quickly and meticulously.


    Most radiant heating setups happen during the construction of the home. This lets us lay the underground layers properly in all the rooms you desire. Nevertheless, we also install heating units in existing homes.

    This heating method is also more uniform since the warm air does not interact with cold air at any point. The metallic panels transfer the heat flowing through them directly to the floors, which heat the air above them. This smooth process significantly reduces your energy consumption, thus lowering your bills.

    Since this heat transfer mechanism does not rely on pushing hot air through the ducts, it decreases the allergens in your indoor air. Therefore, you can attain your required room temperature quickly without reacting to airborne particulates. In most homes, HVAC ducts contain dust, pollen, mold, and other contaminants that reduce indoor air quality. However, with this heating installation, you can say goodbye to poor IAQ.

    It is also worth noting that investing in this modern heating system significantly improves the value of your Portsmouth home. If you plan to sell, you can increase your asking price by installing quality heating. Modern buyers want improved comfort, and such an investment will give you an upper hand in the market. With professional installation, this system will last a long time, enabling you to reap the benefits. Whether you are remodeling or constructing a new building, our technicians will help you select the best product that fully meets your heating needs while maintaining energy efficiency.

    The benefits you’ll enjoy from floor heating include the following:
    • More even heating
    • No noisy operation
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • No allergens produced
    • Enhanced comfort level

    Floor Heating Experts in Portsmouth

    Ours is among the top HVAC companies in Portsmouth, and we pride ourselves on giving clients excellent heating installation services. Having been in business since 1964, our team at Simmons Heating & Cooling has extensive industry experience to help with all your heating services. We guarantee customer satisfaction and ensure optimal comfort for your family.

    We maintain up-front pricing and never include any pushy sales pitches or hidden fees. For floor heating installation, we also have financing options available with approved credit. Our customer base grows based on our clients’ trust and the integrity we display to them. We’ll respond to all your questions and concerns.

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