A Mini-Split in your Virginia Beach, VA home should be comfortable throughout the entire year. These unique systems are discreet and easy to use.

Each interior unit is small enough that it won’t interfere with your home’s decor, and once installed, you’ll be able to control the temperature independently from one area to the next. We can help you find the perfect mini-split HVAC system for your house and professionally install it so that you can soon be enjoying a perfectly comfortable home.

Reliable Mini-Split HVAC Systems

These ductless heating and cooling systems are the perfect solution for many Virginia Beach homes. The system is small and discreet with a condensing unit placed outside in an inconspicuous place. We will place an interior air handler in each of the rooms you need to heat or cool. Refrigerator lines connect these two components.

Once we are finished with the installation process, you will be able to control the temperature in each room independently of all other areas. This is called zone heating and cooling, and it is a wonderful way to keep the main areas of the house perfectly comfortable.

These systems are ideal for any homeowner who wants a quiet way to heat and cool only a few rooms or when you don’t have the space to install ductwork. These ductless systems are highly efficient, and they can be used as a supplement to your main HVAC system or to replace the central heating and cooling system you currently have.

Once we have installed your mini-split HVAC system, you can immediately start enjoying the following benefits.

  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling
  • Zoned temperature control
  • Quiet operation
  • Small and unobtrusive design

Virginia Beach Mini-Split Experts

Simmons Heating & Cooling is here to help you with your new ductless system installation. We have been a reliable and trusted Virginia Beach heating and cooling company since 1964. We are highly experienced when it comes to using these systems to keep your home comfortable throughout every season.

Our knowledgeable and skilled technicians are friendly and available to answer all of your questions. In addition to installing mini-split units, they are skilled at repairing and maintaining them for optimal operation.

Whether you live near the boardwalk along the beach-lined oceanfront or further inland by the Virginia Beach Convention Center, we can help with all of your ductless HVAC system needs.

Call Simmons Heating & Cooling today to find the perfect system for your home.