You could benefit in many ways by purchasing a Mini Split in Portsmouth, VA. A Mini-Split HVAC system both heats and cools the room that it is mounted in, and it can be ideal for outbuildings, attic spaces, room additions, and more. Some homeowners, because their homes can’t support ductwork or because they don’t want to go through the hassle of installing ducts, even use mini-split systems for whole-house cooling. One compressor unit can link up to eight air handlers.

    How do mini-split systems work, though? First of all, they’re heat pumps, so what they do is transfer heat from one place to another. In cooling mode, the refrigerant that courses back and forth between the air handler and compressor absorbs heat from indoors and releases it outdoors. Mini-split systems come with all the components of your average ducted heat pump, but without the ducts, of course.

    Portsmouth Mini Split: The Benefits

    Because there are no ducts, the Mini Split installation process will be a breeze. Moreover, you have great flexibility when it comes to where to place the air handler and compressor. The air handler is a compact device that can look good on any wall; it can even hang from the ceiling. The compressor is a bulky unit, but you can place it as far as 50 feet away from the air handler.

    Homeowners in Portsmouth opt for a mini-split HVAC system, though, for its energy efficiency. Here’s what you can get:

    • Quiet, smooth operation for 30 years
    • A drastically lower monthly bill
    • Multiple temperature zones
    • The convenience of remote access

    Compared to the 30-year life span of mini-splits, your average ducted heat pump may last only 15 years. We want to remind our customers, though, that this can only happen if they get regular, professional maintenance.

    A lot of air is lost through ductwork due to leaks, holes, and poor sealing. Mini-split systems, on the contrary, deliver all their cool air into your room. With features like directional airflow, you can ensure maximum comfort, too. And because each air handler has a thermostat, the occupant of each room can have the temperature he or she likes. Turn each air handler on and off as the room becomes occupied or unoccupied; this leads to more savings that aren’t possible with central AC.

    Mini-Split HVAC System

    Simmons Heating & Cooling is proud to set up Portsmouth residents with mini split ACs. We’ve had BBB accreditation for close to 50 years now, and we’re committed to customer satisfaction with every project, large or small, that we tackle. We’re in Chesapeake on Lambert Court, off of Greenbrier Parkway.

    Call today, and we’ll send a NATE-certified technician to consult with you about your HVAC needs.