Make your family comfortable by purchasing a Mini Split in Norfolk, VA. A Mini Split HVAC system is basically a ductless heat pump and it’s meant to cool one room rather than the whole house. Most people who buy a single mini-split intend to cool some spaces that their current ductwork doesn’t reach, such as the attic space or a room they added during a remodeling project. Others install it in a work shed or the garage. Always choose an Air Conditioning company that understands mini-splits.

    Mini-splits can be ideal for whole-house cooling, too, as you can hook up a maximum of eight air handlers to one compressor. As we’ll explain below, these systems can save you a lot of money as compared to ducted heat pumps. Besides that, they’re much easier to install.

    Enjoying Your Norfolk Mini Split

    There’s a flexibility to mini splits that you don’t get with a traditional heat pump. Your compressor, for one thing, can lay as far as 50 feet away from each air handler, so you won’t be forced to place it where everyone can see it. The air handlers are compact devices that you can mount on any wall or even hang from the ceiling, and they should blend in well with your surroundings. The refrigerant line between the two units will enter your house through a three-inch hole in the wall.

    Once you have it installed, you can expect these benefits:

    • Quiet, smooth operation
    • Directional airflow for more comfort
    • Multiple temperature zones in your home
    • Minimal energy wastage

    If you already have ducts in your house, then you know that much of your cool air gets lost through leaks and holes before it even reaches your rooms. With a mini-split HVAC system, you don’t face this problem, so you’ll save a ton on your monthly bill. Besides that, ductless AC systems can last 30 years if they receive recurring maintenance from a professional. By contrast, a ducted heat pump can’t go much beyond 20 years.

    Norfolk Mini Split HVAC System

    Serving Norfolk and the surrounding areas since 1964, Simmons Heating & Cooling is a premier source for mini split installations, repairs, and tune-ups. Our office is in Chesapeake on Lambert Court, off Greenbrier Parkway, and we’d be happy to send out one of our NATE-certified technicians to your home for a consultation. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency repairs. You’ll have some great brands to choose from if you decide to install a mini-split; we’re a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer and a well-known dealer in American Standard products, too.

    We’re standing by to take your call, so reach out to us today!