If you’re looking for more information on a Geothermal Heat Pump near Suffolk, VA, Simmons Heating & Cooling is here to answer all of your questions. Compared to traditional AC and heating systems, geothermal heat pumps provide a number of important advantages. For starters, Geothermal units can provide both heating and cooling, which can save you quite a bit of money compared to installing separate heat and AC systems. Geothermal heating is also the most energy-efficient option currently available.

    Suffolk’s Geothermal Heat Pump Services

    Geothermal heat pumps are a unique type of HVAC unit that utilizes the Earth’s own heat. The system consists of a series of pipes that are installed underground below the frost line. Here, the temperature remains constant at around 55 degrees. When cooling, the heat pump works essentially the same way as any other AC unit. It absorbs heat from inside the building and transfers it outside. The difference is that geothermal systems are able to disperse the heat absorbed from inside the building much more easily. This is because the temperature below ground is far cooler than the outdoor air temperature. This means geothermal heat pumps can transfer heat using much less electricity.

    During the winter, geothermal systems use the warmer temperatures underground to heat the liquid refrigerant. This heated refrigerant is then pumped into the building where it is then transferred to the cooler air inside. This process heats the building.

    Compared to central AC and heating systems, geothermal systems require less maintenance and also provide all of these other advantages:
    • Much quieter, almost silent operation
    • Reduced heating costs
    • Better for the environment
    • Fewer indoor air quality issues

    Although geothermal heat pumps are typically more expensive than central ACs or furnaces to purchase and install, the long-term energy savings should more than offset the higher initial cost. In fact, no other type of HVAC system really even comes close to matching the energy efficiency of geothermal heating capabilities.

    Geothermal Heating Experts

    At Simmons Heating & Cooling, we have been helping residents of Suffolk meet their home’s heating needs for nearly 60 years. We specialize in geothermal heat pump installation, and our technicians also have years of experience in repairing and maintaining geothermal heat pumps. Should an emergency suddenly arise, we are available to repair the problem. If you are trying to decide whether a geothermal system is right for your home, we would be happy to schedule a consultation and give you all the information you need to make your choice.

    To learn more about the benefits of geothermal heating in Suffolk or if you have any other questions, give Simmons Heating & Cooling a call today.