Experienced Generator Repair in Portsmouth

    Generator Repair & Installation in Portsmouth, VAThe potential for power loss in Portsmouth, VA, makes generator repair and maintenance crucial. Nature is out of everyone’s control, so generator installation remains the best option in the event of power loss due to natural calamities. At Simmons Heating & Cooling, we specialize in generator maintenance and installation to help Portsmouth residents and surrounding areas restore their business to normalcy during an emergency power outage.

    Our team will help you tailor your generator to any electrical application to help maintain your home’s or office’s comfort. We ensure that our clients continue to run their homes and businesses even after a power outage, saving you money, time, and hassle. Our electrical experts install a generator such that it will continue to power your appliances when your primary power source fails, protecting them from blowouts, spikes, and violent power surges. Portsmouth residents entrust Simmons Heating & Cooling with overseeing the installation of generators to keep their homes and offices operational during a power outage.

    Dependable Generator Repair and Installation

    Many businesses and homes depend on a functional generator to keep running even during an emergency power outage. It is crucial to keep a generator in its best condition to prevent power backup failure. Portsmouth residents and surrounding areas can achieve this by letting Simmons Heating & Cooling inspect their generators for possible repairs. Dependable Generator Repair and InstallationSomething might be wrong with your generator if it no longer functions as it used. Just like you always rush to a garage when you notice a potential mechanical issue on your car, it is best to have a portable generator in Portsmouth checked out by professionals at Simmons Heating & Cooling. A minor mechanical hitch can cascade into a more costly issue if you don’t schedule an appointment with us as soon you notice it.

    Signs your generator needs repair:
    • Startup delays
    • Visible damages
    • Strange noise and smell
    • Insufficient power or electricity
    • Age

    In the event a repair isn’t the right decision, we can help find a suitable replacement. We can also help property owners without a generator with our experienced generator installation services.

    Your Trusted Generator Team

    Your Trusted Generator TeamSimmons Heating & Cooling has been providing comprehensive and reliable generator services in Portsmouth since 1964. We are a family-run business dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of highly skilled electricians is proud to offer high-quality generator maintenance programs to keep businesses and homes of our Portsmouth customers running even during emergency power outages. We offer flexible financing options for our esteemed customers looking for installation services. With power outages becoming a nuisance in Portsmouth and surrounding areas, having a reliable generator expert is vital.

    We are proud to serve Portsmouth residents with reliable generator services. Contact us today for repair or installation of any generator make or model.