If you need services for boilers in Suffolk, VA, we’re here to serve you at Simmons Heating & Cooling. If you’re looking for reliable heating for your home, a boiler is an excellent option. Compared to furnaces, they use less fuel to achieve the same heat. However, if your boiler isn’t performing at its best, having a reliable technician on your side is a must. A new boiler installation can save you money in the long run while providing excellent heating for your home.

    Boiler Installation and Repair Services

    Whether this is your first boiler or you’re replacing an older unit, we offer quality boiler installation services in Suffolk. If you’re considering repairs for an old system, boiler replacement may be a wiser investment. If you’re not sure if boiler repair or replacement is the right choice, we’re here to offer advice.

    Even if you don’t have an old boiler on its last legs, a new boiler can offer many benefits. Boilers typically require fewer repairs than furnaces and tend to last longer. Boilers are also known for providing more even heating than forced air systems. We can evaluate your space and find the best boiler for your needs and budget.

    There are many benefits to calling us for boiler replacement in Suffolk, such as:
    • Improved heating
    • Better energy efficiency
    • Better temperature control
    • Boost property value
    • Smaller size

    If you’re having boiler issues, it never pays to wait. It’s always easier to fix a minor issue compared to major repairs or replacements. If you pay attention to your boiler, you may notice early indications of an issue. This may include strange noises, unpleasant odors, or sudden energy bill increases. These aren’t signs to ignore. Prompt boiler repair services can save you significantly in the long run and extend your boiler’s lifespan. We’re ready to perform lasting repairs on all makes and models.

    Expert for Boilers in Suffolk

    When it comes to services like boiler installation and repair services, you need Simmons Heating & Cooling on your side. We have been proudly serving the local community since 1984. We offer the quality workmanship and honest advice you need to find the right solutions for total home comfort. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians offer a wide range of boiler services, including repair, maintenance, and replacement. Keeping your home and family warm and comfortable is our priority.

    If you need repair or installation services for boilers in Suffolk, be sure Simmons Heating & Cooling is the one you call.