December 18, 2020

The holidays are the best part of the year, but the temperature can get cold. You need to do what you can to keep the house warm for you and the people you love. However, you also want to heat smartly. Here are 10 heating tips for the holidays.

1. Use Rugs

The floor can be quite cold, especially in the early morning on the way to the kitchen or the washroom. It can be helpful to get warm, plush rugs to keep the feet warm. There are even heated floor options for bathrooms.

2. Close Vents

You don’t need to heat every part of your home all at once. What if everybody is together in the living room or the dining room? Set up a system that allows you to set the temperature in each room. At the very least, you should have a ventilation system that allows you to close off the rooms you aren’t in until later, allowing the heat to centralize around the people in your household.

3. Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

Some of the most common places for cold air to get in and warm air to get out are the doors and windows. Air gets out in the little holes around the structure. Luckily, you can look into getting energy-efficient doors and windows. If that is too expensive, you can also get weatherstrips to fill those gaps.

4. Use a Natural Fireplace

If you have a real fireplace in your home, it’s a lot more than just decoration. People used them for years for a reason — they work! If you have a natural fireplace, light some wood and let the heat radiate through the home. This is most effective when you plan to be in the same room as the fireplace, especially since you don’t want to leave the fire alone.

5. Use a Smart Thermostat

Get the house warm by the time you get home by using a smart thermostat. While you are away from home, you can lower the temperature. When you are getting ready to head home, you can turn the temperature up from your smartphone.

6. Cook and Bake

The holidays are a time to share food with friends and family. Whether you are a gourmet chef or a beginner, there are numerous recipes out there for you. Ideally, you want to find something that requires you to use the oven. The heat from the oven will cook your food as well as heat up your home. Leave the door open when you are finished cooking to let the heat fill your home.

7. Drink Hot Cocoa

There’s something that not only warms the body but also warms the soul when you curl up with a nice glass of hot cocoa on a cold day. This is perfect if you were outside shoveling, sledding, or having a snowball fight. It won’t necessarily make the home warmer, but it’ll make you much warmer.

8. Let the Sun Shine

Just because the weather is cold outside doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t out. And the sun is still hot, especially when it shines through a window. Open up the curtains when the sun is out to let the sunshine in. Your home will absorb the heat from the sun and keep your interior spaces warmer. When the sun goes down, thick curtains may be more helpful; they can help keep the cold out.

9. Get Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system is your biggest defense from the cold this holiday season, so you want it in perfect working order. You should get maintenance during fall to prepare for the cold weather. There are also small things you can do at home, such as cleaning or changing the filter regularly.

10. Wear Warm Clothes

The clothes you wear will affect how cold or warm you are. Wear appropriate clothing for the temperature so that you don’t need to rely solely on the heating system. Wear thick socks and sweaters.

Your heating system should be able to keep you warm. However, you also want to use your heater wisely. Using your heater more sparingly can result in lower bills (and more money for Christmas presents). To learn more or to get professional assistance for your HVAC unit, call Simmons Heating & Cooling in Chesapeake today. We can provide heater repairs and HVAC maintenance to get you through the winter. Our team also performs HVAC installations, provides ductwork services, and offers solutions for hot-water problems.

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