Norfolk AC and Heat Repair Services

    Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Services in Norfolk VAOver the past fifty years, Simmons Heating & Cooling has been operating a successful business with thousands of happy customers in the Hampton Roads area. Along with Heating repair service, they also fix air conditioners, install generators, and they also repair generators. One service that their customers utilize quite often especially in the cold winter months is their heating repair service.

    Home Heating System Services

    Simmons Heating & Cooling is very experienced in all types of heaters. It does not matter if a customer has a simple heat pump or a complicated boiler repair, this Virginia-based business is the only one that you need to contact if you need your heater fixed.

    Home Heating System ServicesThey have technicians that are certified and they also get regular training that keeps them up-to-date on the latest HVAC technology. Every technician utilizes a tablet that gives them access to the customer’s history, electrical schematics, warranty information, and a lot of other useful information. This excellent company also repairs air conditioners.

    A/C Maintenance Services

    Not only does Simmons Heating & Cooling maintain and repair air conditioning systems, they also install them. They spend a lot of money to make sure that their customer’s floors stay clean while they do their dirty work. No matter whether they are ensuring that a new duct is sealed properly or ensuring that an air conditioner was properly installed, they stand behind what they do. Repairing generators is another service that they offer their customers.

    Generator Services in Norfolk, VA

    Generator Installation Services in Norfolk VAWhen you hire Simmons Heating & Cooling to fix your generator, you have trustworthy people that work hard people to install your generator. They are always on time and provide a free quote for their customers. They also can install a lot of different types of generators that include: home generators, gas generators, electric generators, standby generators, automatic power generators, whole-unit generators, partial unit generators, and backup generators. This company also does emergency backups. Along with fixing generators, this company also installs them.

    This company also installs the same type of generators that they repair. They have been installing generators for many decades. Their trustworthy and ethical methods, exceptional service, and teamwork goes above and beyond what their customers expect and to successfully complete a project. When it is needed, Simmons Heating & Cooling also does emergency repairs.

    Trusted HVAC Services in Virginia

    Life never goes as planned. You may need an air conditioner repair, heater repair, or even an emergency furnace repair in the middle of the night. Simmons Heating & Cooling is available around-the-clock for emergencies. They do not charge their preventive maintenance customers any extra fees and their non-maintenance customers only get charged a fifty-nine dollar additional fee. Simmons Heating & Cooling and their staff are fully staffed and always ready to assist their customers.

    During the hours of seven-thirty a.m. to five p.m. Monday through Friday, Simmons Heating & Cooling has a full staff of employees available to meet all your heating, cooling, and generator needs. They are located in Chesapeake, Virginia, but they also have customers in Virginia Beach and would love to help you with any heating, cooling, and generator needs that you have in that city as well. Virginia is for lovers, and Simmons Heating & Cooling would love the opportunity to meet all your cooling and heating needs.